Terms and Conditions

Accepting the quote implies having read and accepted the following terms and conditions.

Policies of cancellation

Requests for cancellation must be sent by e-mail to info@villachiaraportorecanati.it

Standard rate:

  • Cancellation 7 days before arrival: free;
  • Cancellation from 6 days before arrival: penalty of 50% of the amount of the stay;
  • Cancellation or no show on the same day of arrival: 100% penalty of the amount of the stay.

Non-refundable rate:

  • In case of changes or cancellation of the reservation will be applied the penalty of 100% of the amount of the stay.

In case of cancellation on time, the deposit will be returned within 48 working hours by the property.

Special cases or cancellations due Covid-19:

The customer may withdraw from the contract, without paying any penalty, in the following special cases:
A) up to 7 days prior to expected arrival in case of documented Covid-19 positivity;
B)up to 7 days before the expected arrival for reasons of force majeure other than Covid-19 but in any case falling within the documented and documented causes of impossible occurrences (such as death or illness).

The customer who withdraws from the contract for the reasons referred to in points A) and B) of the preceding paragraph will be charged respectively:
1) in case of withdrawal more than 7 days before arrival in case of positive Covid-19 documented, 50% of the amount due for the entire stay;
2) in case of withdrawal more than 7 days before the expected arrival in case of causes of impossible occurrence documented 50% of the amount due for the entire stay.

No cancellation fee will be applied if it is impossible for the guest to reach the booked apartment due to mobility restrictions imposed by the authorities because of the pandemic event.

Request for modification of the dates of stay:

In case of modification of the dates, the price of the stay will be adjusted to the active rate on the day of the change request. You can request a date change only if the booking was made directly with the property and communicated to the same necessarily by e-mail to info@villachiaraportorecanati.it

To book:

Standard rate:

It will be necessary to pay the deposit of 30% of the amount of the stay within 48 working hours from receiving the email request deposit from the property. The amount can be paid by bank transfer or by online payment by credit card. Only after the property has registered the payment of the deposit as “made”, the booking confirmation will be effective: the customer will receive by email the booking confirmation.

Non-refundable rate:

Payment is required upon booking of 100% of the amount of the stay.

Before your arrival:

Within 7 days before arrival you will need to:

  • Make the total balance of the stay excluding the tourist tax to be paid on site. In the absence of the balance within 7 days before the reservation will be cancelled.